millcreek rescue 1-20-2014

DATE: 01/20/2014            

NATURE OF INCIDENT: Search and rescue             





NAME:                                                              AGE                   HOMETOWN & STATE

Kenneth   Knight 70 Moab
Vereald   Dickerson 72 Moab



OTHER FACTS OR COMMENTS:  On Monday at approximately 1:00 p.m., Kenneth Knight and Vereald Dickerson hiked down into the Millcreek drainage from the area of Highland Drive to go fishing. One party went upstream and the other downstream to fish. Later in the day Vereald returned to his vehicle parked at the trail head and was unable to make contact with Kenneth.  A friend and member of search and rescue was called to help and try and locate Kenneth. The Sheriff’s Office was contacted when Kenneth could not be located. The search involved search and rescue members entering the drainage from three different locations and attempting to locate and follow tracks to Kenneth’s location. Classic Lifeguard helicopter flew the drainage in an effort to locate Kenneth. The Department of Public Safety helicopter was also called and responded to the area to assist in the search. Fishing gear was located near a large pool in Millcreek and that pool was probed to see if Kenneth may have fallen in the pool. Search and rescue members finally heard Kenneth calling for help. They found that Kenneth had hiked east from the area of the creek he was fishing and had fallen or slid into a crevice between two sandstone fins. Members reached Kenneth at about 2:30 a.m. DPS helicopter assisted in flying in gear and search members and medical assistance to Kenneth. The rescue was completed about 9:30 a.m. when Kenneth was flown by DPS helicopter to the EOC(emergency operations center) at 2600 S. Highway 191 and met by EMS and transported to Moab Regional Hospital. Extent of injuries or condition is not known.

Lt. Kim Neal