Grand County Sheriff Steven White

Grand County Sheriff
Steven White

Climber stuck on Castle Tower 5/4/2014

Sunday (5/4/2014)  8:50 a.m.


    Report of a climber stuck on Castle Tower for over an hour. Grand County Sheriff, Search and Rescue, EMS, DPS helicopter and St. Mary’s helicopter responded to a call of a climber that had her knee stuck in a crack on the tower. Attempts by other climbers to free her had been unsuccessful. Department of Public Safety helicopter and St. Mary’s Careflight were used to shuttle rescuers and gear to aid in the rescue. SAR, EMS and other professional climbers were able to lubricate the leg using olive oil and free the climber.The climber was lowered to a waiting ambulance and transported to Moab Regional Hospital.


   Climber was 35 year old female from Los Angeles, California.