Grand County Sheriff Steven White

Grand County Sheriff
Steven White

Base Jumper Accident 10-25-2013



NATURE OF INCIDENT: Base Jumper Injury


TIME: 17:57                        DATE: 10/25/13


LOCATION OF OCCURANCE:   Entrance to Portal on cliff ledge, Kane Creek Boulevard, Moab, Utah



NAME:                                                                           AGE             HOMETOWN & STATE

Ammon McNeely 43 Moab,   Utah




Base jumper’s chute did not fully deploy, he hit against the rock wall several times finally coming to rest on a cliff ledge.  The ledge was approximately six hundred feet above Kane Creek Boulevard. Grand County Search and Rescue responded with their Technical Rescue Team and a support team.  The teams hiked up the talus to cliff wall. The technical team climbed the face of the cliff to the ledge where the injured subject was. The injured party was conscious and alert but had a sever leg injury.  The Search and Rescue Technical Team anchored to the cliff and lower the injured party down to the support team.  Search and Rescue’s support team carried the injured party off the face of the talus to a Grand County Ambulance.  Due to the injury a medical helicopter was requested. The Grand County Ambulance transported the subject to an area that the helicopter could land. Classic Lifeguard helicopter transported the injured subject to a trauma hospital.

Grand County Sheriff’s Deputies, Grand County Search and Rescue, Grand County EMS, Moab City Police, Utah Highway Patrol, Utah Bureau of Land Management Ranger, Clasic Lifegard Helicopter were all vital to the outcome of  this extremely difficult rescue.