Grand County Sheriff Steven White

Grand County Sheriff
Steven White

Rope Swing / Rappel Accident 05052013


 NATURE OF INCIDENT: Rope swing/rappel accident         DATE: 05/05/2013

DAY OF WEEK: Sunday                                                   DEPUTY:  Lt. Kim Neal


LOCATION OF OCCURANCE:Day Canyon approximately 7 miles west of the SR 191 and the Gemini Bridge Parking area.



NAME:                                                              AGE                   HOMETOWN & STATE

Adam   Jason Weber 32 SLC   area


INJURIES:  Fatal            TAKEN WHERE: State Medical Examiner                 BY: Spanish Valley Mortuary


OTHER FACTS OR COMMENTS:  On Sunday, May 5th at 7:11 p.m. an accident involving a rope swing combined with a rappel was reported to the Grand County Sheriff’s Office. The accident occurred in an area known as Day Canyon. Grand County Sheriff’s Office, Grand County Search and Rescue, EMS and Classic Lifeguard Helicopter out of Paige, Arizona responded to the area of the accident. The Department of Public Safety Helicopter also responded to the area to assist in the rescue.


Adam Weber and a female companion had participated in a tandem rope swing that included a rappel to the canyon floor after the completion of the swing. Adam fell while rigging the rappel after the swing. The distance of the rappel to the canyon floor after the swing is approximately 100’.  The rope swing had been anchored to a metal airline cable that had been anchored between the canyon walls and that span was approximately 600’ and had taken several days to put in place. Several people had successfully completed the rope swing and rappel before the accident. Investigators are continuing their investigation into the cause of the accident.


The Grand County Sheriff’s Office has investigated three(3) fatalities this year involving rappel or rope swing accidents and urge outdoor recreationists  to use extreme care and caution when participating in any outdoor activity.