Grand County Sheriff Steven White

Grand County Sheriff
Steven White

Fire Restriction 7-11-14


Scam Alert!!! 

A current scam is being conducted in Utah including Grand County residents.The caller identifies himself as law enforcement, usually with local law enforcement. The caller states that you have missed jury duty and are at risk of being arrested or a warrant has been issued for you. The caller asks for money $400-900 to avoid being arrested and then asks for a method of payment. This is a scam, hang up and contact local law enforcement.


The office of Sheriff is a constitutionally created office with duties prescribed by the Utah legislature. The sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer for the county and is elected every four years.

The sheriff has countywide jurisdiction, but in practice, mostly concentrates activities outside city limits where municipal officers cannot operate.

The Sheriff has been charged with the responsibility to maintain the public peace and protecting life and property of all citizens ofGrandCounty. Obligations and responsibilities have continuously grown throughout the years.

The duties of the Sheriff’s Office have increased as administrative procedures, court decisions, and requirements of the laws have brought about sophisticated and technical advancements to Law Enforcement.

The Sheriff’s Office is comprised of several divisions which perform the varied duties required by Utah Law, the Criminal Justice System, and the public need. These divisions are:

Criminal / Civil Processing

Criminal / Civil

Patrol vehicle/ATV
Airport Security
Transportation (Adult/Juvenile)
FIDO (Field Investigation Drug Officer)
Animal Control

Video Court
IDHO (Inmate Discipline Hearing Officer)
Transient Vouchers

Sexual Offender Registry

DNA Collection

Drug Court Tracker
Track Felony/Family Participants
Urine Analysis

Court Security/Paper Service
7th District Court Bailiff
Family Drug Court Bailiff
Felony Drug Court Bailiff
Justice Court Bailiff
Criminal/Civil Paper Service

Control Room operations
911 Call Takers
Code RED – Reverse 911

Mobile Command Vehicle/Operations (Secondary PSAP – Public Safety Answering Point)

Public Relations
Safe Schools
D.A.R.E.  (Drug Abuse Resistance Education)
Illegal Narcotic education
MOCK DUI Education
Good Touch Bad Touch
OHV Education

Emergency Management Services
Homeland Security
Multi Jurisdiction Coordination
Domestic / Natural Disaster Response

Search and Rescue

Emergency Management